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Beyond the Fall – musings of an Adam

The mummering stream whispers of His love for me The strong, full trees with enveloping shade beneath their canopy The gentle rise in the land, Him beside me hand in hand The world before my sin seems far away and dim The warm clear sun now leaves my heart undone Thorns and thistles remind me of what I... Continue Reading →


Control? Here I stand at the beginning of a new year, ready to implement the changes deemed necessary to successfully navigate all the possible scenarios.  Diving into preparation and orchestration. Focusing on meeting schedules and goals. Details and minutiae. Whoa - hold on! I heard something last year that I want to apply.   “Is... Continue Reading →

Measuring Maturity

I have pursued education, training and maturity of my thinking. I have prayed for wisdom to be my guide and reread Mere Christianity to see what I missed. Listened to others speak in there areas of expertise. I have even learned some things along the way. I often take an aggressive, advancing stance to personal... Continue Reading →

Easy yoke

I find it amusing given my disposition, hobbies and general mountain man pursuits, that God would have me write anything that resembles poetry. However, here it is. I could not go to sleep the other night until these few words trickled out. Father’s thoughts, Mothers tears, Sisters regrets, Brothers fears Old dreams, New expectations, Faded hope, Bright anticipation Sins shared, Burdens carried, Blood... Continue Reading →


PREAMBLE TO A TREATISE ON THE EQUALITY OF MAN IN A POST-CHRISTIAN WORLD We reside in a society where the word of God has been relegated to reference material on a shelf, alongside of thinkers and scholars whose greatest contribution to humanity is philosophical. I submit that the creator, redeemer, and author of eternity has... Continue Reading →

A day with 139

I have only recently discovered real value in peaceful reflection. Most of my days until now were filled with the forward lean necessary for continued gain. A practice of rest has entered my life at such a time when I required it most. The battle for perspective can only be waged when the requisite opponents... Continue Reading →


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The start of our reality was actually an intersection with eternity. God intentionally interacting with the temporal. Designing, creating and breathing purpose into all that exists in it. The world of 5 senses - touch, smell, see, hear and taste - introduced to the already... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Gratitude

Not born into stature but loved and nurtured - so begins living under the weight of gratitude Confusion about destiny, leading to calling - so increased the weight of gratitude Loved ones, fond memories along the way - so matured the weight of gratitude Quiet moments of reflection, give way to tears - an avalanche... Continue Reading →

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